Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scenes From Osborne County Fair Parade, Friday July 24th

The 63rd Osborne County Fair Parade started at 5:30PM with the temperatures at a daytime high of 100 degrees, and the sun at a daytime high of light as well - which made for poor camera shots, unfortunately. But we persevered anyway. The heat held down the number of entries, which made this one of the shortest parades in its entire history. The following are some of the highlights:

Laura McClure of Osborne County Tourism and friend wave to the crowd as they proudly carry the new Osborne County Flag.

Employees of the Sharpe Clinic didn't let the heat bother them as they had A Rockin' Good Time, the theme of this year's parade. Talk about dancing in the streets!

For the 10th year in a row, now 80s-something Mildred Morgan drove her 1976 Scout in the parade promoting Osborne County Tourism. She always has a rockin' good time. God bless you, Mildred!

The winner for the Most Unusual Float Award, the Kansas Fur Harvesters put together something that can only be described as Very Rural Kansan.

The volunteer ladies of the Community Market Place had a rockin' good time tossing candy, tiaras, and stuffed animals to the watching crowds. The Market Place gives out several thousands of dollars annually in the community in support of many great causes.

For the who-knows-how-many-years-in-a-row, the Farmers Bank in Osborne once again enlivens the parade as they celebrate their 108 years in business.

John McClure of Blue Hills Bikes in Osborne and other bike enthusiasts had a rockin' good time as they demonstrated their riding prowess down the parade route.

It wouldn't be a fair parade without the crazy-from-the-heat happy members of Alton's Bull City Opry promoting their upcoming performance at this year's Alton Jubilee in late August.

Sunflower 4-H proclaims that all their projects ROCK!

Two pretty girls and a car to die for provides great advertising for MORE Chevrolet-Buick-Pontiac in Osborne.
Osborne Industries of Osborne proclaim their place in the global economy!

And a customary restored tractor signals the end of another Osborne County Fair Parade.

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