Saturday, July 25, 2009

Opening Day of Osborne County Fair, Friday July 24th

The first day of the 63rd annual Osborne County Fair was one of pandemonium and slow movement as everyone dealt with entering various projects they had worked on all year on a day that reached 99 degrees. But that certainly did not stop all from having a good time!

A sampling of the artwork entered in the Open Class.

John McClure of Blue Hills Bikes in Osborne caught hawking his wares from his stall in the Commercial Building.

In the 4-H building several interested individuals pored over every one of the entries.

The 4-H club booths took shape in the relative cool of the morning.

The 4-H food had already been judged! At left, the Overall Grand Champion Oreo Cookie Bun Cake; at right, a Reserve Grand Champion Carrot Cake still plenty worthy of worship.

The 99-degree temperatures had them already lining up at the 4-H Food Stand, which saw a brisk business all day - they only ran out of ice three times!

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