Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Daring to Do Dirt in Kansas One Must be Mentally Nimble

At sometime or another we've all griped and complained at the bewildering myriad of road signs we've encountered once in a while when driving complex intersections in urban areas.   Well, I take back everything I ever muttered at those signs.  For it turns out that all of them have nothing on a routinely empty rural intersection right here in Jackson Township of southern Osborne County, Kansas.

You can see the three standard county rock roads in the above photo: the one you are on, going straight ahead; the one curving off to the left and the one curving off to the right; and the one that looks like a line going left to right in the foreground.

And here is the road sign for this remarkable intersection.  Even some of the locals once in a while have to take a moment to recall just what goes where.  Don't worry - due to the intersection's rural location, you can spend a few extra minutes staring at this puzzler.   And good luck! 

{Photos courtesy of Kathy Bristol)