Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Looking toward the 2010 Kansas Sampler Festival

Recovery from a Kansas Sampler Festival takes a few days. In one weekend you've talked to hundreds of people you know, hundreds more that you don't know but that certainly doesn't stop you, and have eaten a lot of great food from a lot of great Kansas food vendors that seemed like a great idea at the time - and it was! The homemade ice cream stands are a must for me each year, and now I've discovered a new favorite with which I can also replenish my energy.

So one of the food vendors I certainly will look forward to revisiting at the 2010 Festival in Leavenworth will be Capone's Famous Shaved Ice of Garden City, Kansas, the home of Gourmet shaved ice treats. And when they say Gourmet they mean it. I highly recommend that everyone who travels to Leavenworth the first weekend in May next year knuckle down and try Capone's "Frog in A Blender." Don't let the name throw you; it only looks like they put a frog through a blender. In actuality it's one of the tastiest desserts you will find anywhere.

"Frog In A Blender." A Great Kansas Taste Treat! Remember, you read it here first.