Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Great Day to be Out in Osborne County, Kansas

Today started out bright and early for myself and Joe Hubbard, two members of Osborne County Tourism, as we got several locations clean and ready for visitors during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. We urge everyone to come and see for yourselves all there is to see and do in this great county.

Our first stop was at the ghost town of Covert, where as the Covert Street Department we mowed and erected new street signage for the seven streets in the abandoned community, along with moving and cutting any number of limbs that had grown in the way. The Covert Rural High School alumni will be holding their biannual reunion in the nearby Covert Creek Lodge next weekend.

Then it was across the county to the former site of the Kill Creek Store, the starting point for the Rediscovering Sod-House Days Self-Guided Tour. There we mowed and cleaned up the picnic shelter and left it in great shape for future visitors.

After eating the special (chicken-fried steak dinner) and great homemade pie at the Homestead Cafe in Alton, there was one more stop at Bloomington, where we cleaned up the travel information kiosk there.

Then Joe headed back to his day job as co-proprietor of the Riverbend Bed & Breakfast east of Osborne, Kansas, and I went on to an afternoon of helping out at the Carnegie Research Library in Osborne. Three out-of-town travelers with queries about Osborne County history made the day both enjoyable and go fast.