Friday, January 14, 2011

Just A Great Little Story From Yesteryear

     June 23, 1872—"Dan Otto, while quarrying stone north of the townsite [Osborne, Kansas], gets into a recontre with a buffalo, and commences retreating, but is overtaken by his pursuer, tossed over head and lights astride the animal’s hump.  With remarkable presence of mind the rider retains his position, while the frightening beast runs for miles to the northwest, and finally slackens its pace, when Daniel draws his revolver and discharges its contents into the vitals of his charger, which continues its course a short distance, and, stumbling in a ravine leading into Lawrence Creek, falls headlong in its dying struggles.  Otto, liberated, escapes.  (See Harper’s series 1872 for illustration.)  Our hero has returned to Pennsylvania."
     - Taken from Zachary T. Walrond's "Annals of Osborne County, Kansas, 1872" in the Osborne County Farmer newspaper of September 9, 1880.