Sunday, August 23, 2009

Highlights from the 2009 Alton Jubilee Parade

A warm balmy day met the prayers of those who had planned this year's annual Alton Jubilee, held on Saturday, August 22nd in the small town of Alton in Osborne County, population around 110, maybe 115. The temperature reached a perfect 82 degrees with winds of less than 10 miles an hour. This made for one of the best celebrations in recent memory. At 10:30AM the crowd was seated and anticipating the annual parade, traditionally always the best in the area.

This year's parade theme was "Generations to Generations," and several floats reflected this theme with four and - even five generations - of family members aboard!

The Boland Body Shop was proud to note that it was "Open to ALL Generations!"

The Stockbridge-Carswell families float featured photos of the family farm through the years, from 1943 to the present day.

The Sharpe Memorial Clinic of Osborne used a patriotic theme.

John McClure of Blue Hill Bikes in Osborne reminded everyone that the weather was perfect for such activities.

An annual tradition is for the Osborne High School cheerleaders to ride on the fire truck.
The Bull City Opry enjoyed promoting their melodrama to be portrayed later that evening - "The Cowboys & Mrs. Hoodwinkler."

After the parade it was time for the hungry crowd to find something to eat. Inside Hardman Hall the annual homemade ice cream & pie feast proved once again to be a true feast for the eyes. Getting past this table of slices of pie proved to be very difficult for most. And then they were stumped with the choice between five different kinds of ice cream!

A shot of just part of the long line of hungry visitors awaiting their turn at the traditional hamburger feed fundraiser for the Alton Fire Department. As usual, no one complained at the wait but seized the time to talk and catch up on the world with their neighbors.

There were two author book signings going on in the afternoon. Here Kelli LaRosh signs yet another copy of her popular childrens book, "What's Math Got To Do With Farming?" published by Ad Astra Publishing LLC of Osborne, Kansas.

That evening the annual barbecue proved so popular that a crowd of over 400 caused the food to run out. Even the melodrama - a "Bring Your Own Lawn Chair" event held on the city park tennis court - attracted a record crowd. Be sure to mark your calendar and attend next year's Jubilee!