Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go On! Take A Day! Road Trip Kansas!

Want to cleanse your soul?  Then seek a little adventure.  Drive across the length of Kansas and back in a single day!  

This past Friday I got the chance to do just that, and I did not even have to drive.  For nearly 500 miles I could just sit back and take in the incredible vistas of everchanging color: the pastures, the hills, the valleys, the fields of golden wheat and of green corn.  From Lucas to Holton and back each new view was one of simple joy in observing what there was to see.

So understand, I'm not talking about an hour or so.  Really get out there - leave first thing in the morning and don't expect to be back until late that night.  Just do it.  And this one time, avoid the interstates and big highways - go for the little ones, the roads that abound in landscapes and sheer atmosphere as you pass through the various regions that our great Sunflower State has to offer.  See people.  See towns, businesses, the daily lives of fellow Kansans.  Go on!  Get out there!

Some suggested routes:  State Highway 9.  Or State Highway 4.  In eastern Kansas, State Highway 57.  Or State Highway 31.  These are all highways that tend to really meander and have a feel of their own.

No doubt other  people have some favorite routes.  Send them in and I'll post them to encourage all to get out there, if just for that one day.

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