Monday, January 17, 2011

The Kansas Gazetteer Musketeers Ride Again!

It's that time of year - tomorrow morning the Kansas Gazetteer Musketeers will once again venture east to congregate with other like-minded folk at the 19th annual invitation-only Rural Leaders Retreat in Valley Falls, Kansas. The three-day Retreat is sponsored by the Kansas Sampler Foundation and brings together leaders from across the state for serious and varied discussions on issues affecting the state of Kansas. Traveling to Valley Falls and back is part of the educational portion of the Retreat, because you always see & learn something new every time. Last year it was lost hubcaps, the World's Oldest Motorcycle, and other fun.  Can't wait for this year!!!

Sadly, this year the Musketeers are reduced in number from four to two - Princess Pea (Connie Dougherty) and General Direction (Laura McClure) will be keeping the home fires burning. Nevertheless, both Commodore Bacon (Erika Nelson) and Count de Ice Cream (Von Rothenberger) are ready to step up and assume their roles as Ambassadors From Lucas To The World! But is the world ready?

Sigh. We're not even on the road yet and the Commodore has already decreed a "Bacon & Ice Cream" breakfast stop to start off the trip. See what already happens when both the Princess & the General are not along to restrain us . . . !

the Count

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