Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exploring Natoma, Kansas

In the midst of the Mount Os Expedition of July 2010 members of Osborne County Tourism went to several other sites as well. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010, 6:15PM - unfortunately, Natoma's new restaurant, the Shaylite Kitchen & Bakery, is only open Monday thru Friday and thus was closed when member of Osborne County Tourism came through.  Have to really try to come over during the week and try the place.

Luckily next door is the soon-to-be-opened-at-last Pohlman's Community Museum.  We got to take the tour of the place!

They had to rebuild and repoint the walls, restore the ceiling, put all new wiring inside - pretty much fix the place from the ground up. 

Bob Eickhoff of the Natoma Heritage Seekers gave everyone an up-to-date report on how the future museum building is coming along.

We took a bit of a drive off on scenic backroads south and west of Natoma, even into Rooks County, where among other sites is the one-time location for the Hungry Ridge One-Room Schoolhouse.  Now that's got to be one of the best names for a school I have ever heard. 

The brief drive enabled us to view some historical markers that were put up oh, around five or six years ago and see how they were doing.  Some, like the Tapley Post Office marker above, are in desperate need of being replaced.

Back in Natoma, in the southwest part of town, One comes across this place.  I kid you not. 

A closeup of some of the mayhem.

Pretty much the whole story in a nutshell.  Make that oildrum.

You can't see it, but behind the metal shovel thingy is a Septarian Concretion hanging down.

Across town in the southeastern part, one visionary citizen continues his dream of turning his home into a castle. 

Asn as we came home we managed to stop by the Hoot Owl Farm.  But that is certainly another story!

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