Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How Feathered Friends Managed the Christmas Storm

The ice and snow that hit Kansas during the Christmas holidays did make Exploring Kansas a little difficult.  At these times it is the small visitations that become important. 

Take for instance a desire to go for a walk on the Sunday following Christmas.  With many sidewalks and even streets still drifted with snow and the temperature well below freezing, this simple exercise became a small problem.   The solution: take the walk in Salina's Jerry Ivey Park and see how the many wild ducks and geese fared during the past week.  (This also brought up the opportunity to use the new camera).  The pond was iced over, with only two small patches of free water. 

These fine fellows bring a fitting cold end to 2009.  Here's to 2010 and the New Year!

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